Friday, May 11, 2012

Even more recent update

So I have been a bit absent around these parts. 

But not to worry I have been very busy. 
First things first though

My new zine Dirty Hands Vol. 2 is now available in Quimbys, Shop Columbia and I just mailed a few over to Desert Island in Brooklyn. So for any NYC  people you should see this soon. 

  I will hopefully set up a big cartel so I can hustle some of this stuff via online. 

My parents got me a camera on the occasion that I graduated. So naturally
I took a picture of my dog...

  I have also been scrambling to get things together for CAKE. Which I will be participating in and sharing a table with the amazing Linework editors Nick Drnaso and Kevin Budnik.

well that was a bit long. phew!