Thursday, December 19, 2013

Top 5 of everything

 I did the cover of the latest issue of Newcity, which is out NOW!

It's there super blow out issue, go and grab a copy.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Best of


Here is an illustration I did for Newcity’s “Best of Chicago” issue, I had the pleasure of doing the opening image for the food and drink section. Currently still in circulation, look for the great Ivan Bruneti cover.

this day

Comic I made for Lumpen's comic issue.


I made this comic that ran in Newcity a while back.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Printing the covers of Dirty Hands Vol 3

I was looking through my old inventory of zine and fond that I only have a few copies 
of Dirty Hands Vol 3. So I decided to reprint the zine with only a few more copies. 

If you have ever held Dirty Hands 3 you will notice that the cover has a split fountain roll on the cover. So today I reprinted a few more covers and decided to share my process.

I have my screen that is super beat up and is really only made for fabric printing but I like having it around for small mini one layer projects like this. Anyway I created my stencil with contact paper with an image that I printed off and later cut out. It was then applied to my screen and I blocked off the other areas.

I put my two colors on the screen and blended them together to make that gradient. I also made a makeshift squeegee with a piece of firm cardboard.

By pulling ink through the stenciled image on my screen I was able to create that impression on my sheet of paper. And that's what happened, I got a nice gradient of the two colors on my covers. Also I should note that the covers for this zine was made by spray painting sheets of bright neon green black. Thus crating a two color sheet of paper. You can kind of see that in this photo on the edges.

I did all of this in my room. I was also watching Law & Order SVU on netflix. Since this is such a small project that does not really require photo emulsions and a dark room I did this at my convenience in my room. It is a pain with cleaning and moving around though.

So since I do not have a nice drying rack I just stuck my wet covers in between the books on my book shelf. I just leave them overnight to dry. You can also see that two color effect that I made by spraying the covers here.

And after that it pretty much staple the covers to the guts and then trim them. 

A drawing from my sketchbook

Friday, June 14, 2013

Hey folks!

This weekend is CAKE! I will debut “Who remembers anyway? collected strips by David Alvarado”
Which collects the autobiographical strips that appeared in the Columbia Chronicle.

I will be at table 75 with Yeti press.
So stop by and say hi.

I also plan to take many photos and hope to share them later.  So watch out.

Friday, May 31, 2013

this pen

I own this really crappy pen I got in Mexico well actually I think my parents got it I just took it from them. But this is a terrible pen. I don't even think it writes anymore but I love that it has this very simple hand made wooden winnie the pooh on the top. And those colors!

One of the reasons I love going to Mexico is that you can find stuff like this, I mean I have a Maggie Simpson puppet that has legs.

This is just an inspirational objects post.

current projects

I have been drawing sci-fi stuff. I am really enjoying large black areas and just touching them with hints of white ink.

Thursday, May 30, 2013


Another recent drawing from Dirty Hands Vol 3

Friday, March 22, 2013

The kermit rom

New drawing that appears in Dirty Hands Vol 3

Burritos and teeth

This past two comic strips the have appreared in the Chronicle. 

If you are in the south loop consider picking it and looking in the back page for some comics. Hopefully they will take your mind off things for a second. 

Sunday, March 10, 2013

stuff printed on paper

 My post zine fest haul shot. 

Zine fest was super fun as always. I picked up a good selection of new zines and met some great people. Overall it was a good time.


Later on that evening I picked up Kevin Budniks book! This book is massive and thick. I was really impressed by the overall design and printing of the book, very slick.

You can get it through the yeti press site: link

Friday, March 8, 2013

Dirty Hands Vol 3

Finally got my copies of Dirty Hands Vol3 trimmed and photogrpahed.

Come get this at Chicago Zine Fest tomorrow!


Hey Sausage!
Just a reminder the Chicago Zine Fest is tomorrow (fart noise)! I will be at table 85a on the 8th floor with the ever so charming Brittany Walker.
I will have copies of my professor Walton mini comics that I performed at Brain Frame.
And I will have a brand new spanking issue of Dirty Hands Vol 3.

Plus Stickers!

Hope to see ya there!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

daily strips and more

These are all the weekly strips that I have done for the Columbia Chronicles comic section Free Ice Cream edited by Elio. I plan to get one into him every week so if you are in the south loop or are in a Columbia College building pick one up.

I have also been preparing for the Chicago Zine Fest happening in a little over a week from now! 

What to expect? I will have a complete set of Professor Walton comics that I preformed at Brain Frame. The set of three comics comes with a sticker all belly banded together. 

I am still working on my latest issue of Dirt Hands Vol 2, this is my zine solely devoted to drawings that I do within the year if all goes well I should have that out in time. 

Other than that I have basically been prepping for Zine Fest. I will post a few drawing and do another shout out about it in the next week or so. 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Oily card and drawings


I got an Oily Comics subscription and I received my first package of comics a few weeks ago. I really love my friends of oily comics card. I must say chuck captured my my likeness dead on.

Also I have been super busy drawing constantly. I am getting ready for the Chicago Zine Fest and aim to have the next  issue of Dirty Hands Vol 3 out in time for it. The photo above is just a selection of drawings that will be inside.

I have plenty of more news to cover but to make this post short I will have to end this now and you will have to come back for another update.