Sunday, August 4, 2013

Printing the covers of Dirty Hands Vol 3

I was looking through my old inventory of zine and fond that I only have a few copies 
of Dirty Hands Vol 3. So I decided to reprint the zine with only a few more copies. 

If you have ever held Dirty Hands 3 you will notice that the cover has a split fountain roll on the cover. So today I reprinted a few more covers and decided to share my process.

I have my screen that is super beat up and is really only made for fabric printing but I like having it around for small mini one layer projects like this. Anyway I created my stencil with contact paper with an image that I printed off and later cut out. It was then applied to my screen and I blocked off the other areas.

I put my two colors on the screen and blended them together to make that gradient. I also made a makeshift squeegee with a piece of firm cardboard.

By pulling ink through the stenciled image on my screen I was able to create that impression on my sheet of paper. And that's what happened, I got a nice gradient of the two colors on my covers. Also I should note that the covers for this zine was made by spray painting sheets of bright neon green black. Thus crating a two color sheet of paper. You can kind of see that in this photo on the edges.

I did all of this in my room. I was also watching Law & Order SVU on netflix. Since this is such a small project that does not really require photo emulsions and a dark room I did this at my convenience in my room. It is a pain with cleaning and moving around though.

So since I do not have a nice drying rack I just stuck my wet covers in between the books on my book shelf. I just leave them overnight to dry. You can also see that two color effect that I made by spraying the covers here.

And after that it pretty much staple the covers to the guts and then trim them. 

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