Thursday, May 1, 2014


One of the things that I love is shopping for books. I buy mostly comic books or books that are heavy on illustration and I use these books a lot as a reference when I'm drawing. So I just wanted to make a list of some of my favorite books. So here we go...

Old children's how to books

 I love the golden series because they have the best illustrations! Seriously they are filled with these wonderful color illustrations usually of just things. I got the How and Why books super cheap because of there covers. I mean just look at that. I got most of these in used book shops or digging around in my home.  

page form My Boy.
Publications by Olivier Schrauwen 

My friend Nick told me about Olivier Schrauwen's book the man who grew his beard. Since reading that I have tried to get my hands at whatever I can get. The My Boy book is published by Bries and it is just beautiful. Olivier is making the kinds of comics that I want to see, these bizarre, colorful stories that almost look like they were made a hundred years ago.

I got  this military training book at an antique shop in Indiana. It looks like a recruitment catalog and year book. This is the kind of book that I love because it is filled with these great images like target practice, hand to hand combat, people making there beds. A real gem for reference material. The kind of stuff that you really can't find or is hard to search for on the internet.

one of my favorite photos. 


Cowboy Henk book and "its called pop not soda" pencil

A pretty lady gave me these two objects. I love love love Cowboy Henk. This book unfortuanalty is in french and not english. But not to worry a lot of the gags still make sense since a number of them are wordless. Also many of them have a one word punch line and a quick google translate helps for that. It's still an amazing book, beautifully printed with rich colors if you find this anywhere get it!

Also that pencil makes me chuckle. 


Old underground comics

I own a few of these. I know I can get the collected comics from crumb and s. clay wilson but something about these old underground comics just feels nice. The misregistered covers and the aging newsprint, ah I love it.

Gotta Have 'em 

Speaking of underground comics. This Crumb book of portraits of women is really neat. I picked this up from Myopic a while back. Really fun to look through, I'm always impressed with crumb's attention to detail. 

Geepers! just look at that!

This book also has some of the best endpapers I have ever seen. 
Gotta love 'em.

Ok that is the end of the list. Phew, this was fun I think I'll do one again. Maybe switch it up and include more objects?

Also side note I will be giving a performance at Hungry Brain next week May 7 to benefit the Chicago Alternative Comic Expo (C.A.K.E.) I'll post another reminder.

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