Friday, March 4, 2011

Printed things that are great.

 I have here in this photo a wonderful little mini comic from  fellow blogger/pal/classmate/comic-maker, Kevin Budnik.

Our Ever Improving Living Room is a diary comic focusing on personal expiernces, somtimes the mudane, the sweet little joys of life as well as the awkward ones. Coming in at 28 pages total, its a great read.

Check out Kevin's blog to see updates and more of his work------------------> Link

This my friends is a short mini from fellow blogger/pal/classmate/comic-maker/facial-hair-supporter, Eric Roesner. 

I traded this sticker I made for this and it was totally worth it. Whats in side you might ask? A reinterpretation of Frans Masereel wordless story, but Eric here  made it with aliens and some saucy alien conception as well.

Check out Eric's blog for more saucy work-------------------------------------->Link

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