Sunday, March 27, 2011

Zine Fest wrap up

Chicago Zine fest came and passed it was quite the trip. The two photos on the top are the views from my table. It was taken towards the end of the fest so there was less people, but let me tell you around 2pm or so it was packed. The second photo has brad (B-RAD as I called him) in the foreground we both split table 34. He also turned me on to the fugs. They made this song called nothing you can check it out here --------> link

I definetly enjoyed my time. I left with some awesome zines. Some of my favorites are in this photo. 
I must admit I am a sucker to comics and stuff with pictures, so all these are either comics or stuff with pictures in them. 

Just to name the list from top left to the bottom right: Movable Types: the tramp printers by Kara Sievewright, the velvet cave #6 by tuesday bassen, motte & bailey by krystal difronzo, Nice Tat by erik schneider, Hondo Saga by pete hillstrom, losing sight by ben bertin, postcard from rar rar press, wolfman Chicago's quest for real boots by nate beaty, good Minnesotan #4 a collection of various comics and work from Minnesota.

So yeah zine fest was pretty cool, lets see what next year brings.

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