Friday, December 17, 2010


I have just recently finished this poster. It is type set in a three dimensional form spelling the words "jones town was my hometown" the letter forms are made up of little bones.

I made sketches for this poster over a year ago in my sketchbook and aproached this in the most difficult way of doing it.

I wanted a paraline drawing style so I roughed out the letters and then created a grid and layered it over with tracing paper. Then I created my own triangle and drew all these lines relating to the edges of the triangle. I know now that putting letters in perspective is something that can be done in several programs.


After that was done I then made a carbon copy from the tracing paper and transferred it to some cheep large butcher paper and inked it using various microns.

I inked it on and off for over a year, most of  the work was done this summer. When I came back to school this fall I was able to scan the whole thing at 400 dpi greyscale.


and then that file sat on my compter this whole fall semester. I wanted to silk screen it, blowing it up to 18"x24" but that never happened.

I was then informed of my school requesting submissions for artwork using words. A HA! I thought, now this is a perfect opportunity to finish this up. After a few setbacks, and time crunches I was unable to silkscreen it. I still wanted a color print so I ended up printing it digitally through my school.  The final dimensions are around 35"x40" with a bluish teal background and a deep magenta with a very dark blue line art.

I just dropped it off today and hopefully it will be on display this coming semester.

I still plan to silkscreen this sucker at that size, I just need to get a little bit more money to buy the supplies.

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