Sunday, December 19, 2010

working on watch me

This past semester I made a small mini comic called watch me. I have posted pages from that on this blog so far, and I will post all of it eventually. But after finishing it I did not like the cover so much. I gave it to a few people and there are some mistakes. So I plan to reprint it, adding 4 more pages, one more single page comic, title page and maybe some endpapers? not sure at this point about the end papers.

what I am sure of though is the cover. The current cover was made half assed just to get something done on time for the class. I like things to make some sort of sense, and the text reads as if this comic was about melting meat parts, or some zombie trippy horror story. Watch Me is in fact about a high school gym class, drawing refrence to the tortoise and the hare. 

so I decided to make a long spread that will extend from back to the front cover. I think this is the best change I can make to this comic, making something more consistent with the actual story.

be on the look out for a much more finished and presentable copy.

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